All Titles - Opus 3

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Jazz Delights      
"Jazz Delights" Various Artists
CD 22001
Astrand: Rauk - Global Percussion Network        
Anders Astrand: Rauk, Wedding March, Walking Mallets, Three Seconds in D, Aurora Borealis Global Percussion Network
CD 22011
Lars Erstrand Trio & Quartet: The Complete Songs        
"The Complete Songs" Lars Erstrand Trio & Quartet
CD 22014
Mattias Wager - Organ Treasures        
"Organ Treasures" Bach, Pierné, Elert, Ives, Widor Mattias Wager (organ)
CD 22031
Katinka Wilson: One Life      
"One Life" Katinka Wilson (vocals & guitar) Janne Petersson (piano, wurlitzer & accordian) Hasse Larsson (acoustic & electric bass) Kjell Seger-brandt (electric & acoustic guitars) Micke Nilsson (percussion) Dave Wilczewski (tenor & soprano sax)
CD 22032
Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble: A Star is Shining        
"A Star is Shining" The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble
CD 22041
The Best of Audiophile Classics      
"The Best of Audiophile Classics" Various Artists
CD 22080
B.B. Driftwood: Southward Bound      
"Southward Bound" B.B. Driftwood
Test CD 4: Depth of image - Timbre - Dynamics      
Test CD 4: Depth of image - Timbre - Dynamics
SACD 19420
Eric Bibb: Spirit & The Blues      
"Spirit & The Blues" Eric Bibb Needed Time
SACD 19421
Omnibus Wind Ensemble: Music by Frank Zappa      
"Music by Frank Zappa" Omnibus Wind Ensemble
SACD 19423
Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble: Musica Sacra      
"Musica Sacra" Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble
SACD 19516
A selection from Test-records 1, 2 & 3      
Depth of Image – Timbre – Dynamics Various Artists
SACD 19520
Eric Bibb: Good Stuff      
"Good Stuff" Eric Bibb Needed Time
SACD 19623
Tiny Island      
Tiny Island Goran Wennerbrandt (guitars, mandolin) Nick Malmestrom (guitar, mandola, bouzouki) Janne Petersson (piano, accordian, organs, kalimba) Olle Eriksson (double bass, mandola, bouzouki) Bjorn Gideonsson (percussion) Johan Hedin (swedish key-fiddle) Ahmet Tekbilek (kavala, ney ... more
SACD 19824
Benny Waters: Live at the Pawnshop      
"Live at the Pawnshop" Benny Waters Bjorn Milder
SACD 19911
Showcase: Acoustic music in authentic environments      
Showcase: Acoustic music in authentic environments
SACD 21000
Jazz Delights, Vol. II      
"Jazz Delights, Vol. II" Various Artists
SACD 22001
Eric Bibb: Just Like Love      
"Just Like Love" Eric Bibb
SACD 22002
Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble: Across the Bridge of Hope      
"Across the Bridge of Hope" The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble
SACD 22012
Bob Barnard & The Swedish Jazz Kings: A Tribute To Young Louis      
"A Tribute To Young Louis" Bob Barnard Roy Williams (trombone) The Swedish Jazz Kings
SACD 22013
Brahms: Clarinet Trio & Quintet - Kjell Fagéus        
Brahms: Clarinet Trio in A minor, Op. 114, Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op. 115 Kjell Fagéus (clarinet) Mats Lidström (cello) Bengt Forsberg (piano) Talekvartten: Patrick Swedrup (violin) Anders Nyman (violin) Ingegerd Kirkegaard (viola) Helena Nilsson (cello)
SACD 22021
Peder af Ugglas: Autumn Shuffle      
"Autumn Shuffle" Peder af Ugglas (electric guitars & slide, acoustic guitars & slide, mandolin electric bass, keyboards, cümbüs percussion and piano) Malte Sjöstrand (Hammond B3 and Fender Rhodes) Henrik Wartel (drums and percussion) Bo Nordenfeldt (upright bass) Patrik Silvereke (accordion) Dave ... more
SACD 22042
Showcase 2005      
"Showcase 2005" Various Artists
SACD 22050
Dave Wilczewski: Room In The Clouds        
"Room In The Clouds" Dave Wilczewski (sax, clarinet, alto flute) Hux Flux Nettermalm (drums) Peter Nylander (guitar) Magnus Persson (vibes, percussion) Max Schultz (guitar) Mattias Torell (guitar) Torbjörn Zetterberg (bass)
SACD 22051
30th Anniversary Celebration Album      
"30th Anniversary Celebration Album" Various Artists
SACD 22060
Pathfinder - Bert ”East” Östlund      
"Pathfinder" Bert "East" Östlund (All guitars: Telecaster, Stratocaster, Guild, Danelectro, Levin, Washburn, Gibson and Gretsch. Also plays the piano and Fender Rhodes.) Janne Robertson (chimes, congas, shaker and tambourine) Peter Forss (double bass) Hux Flux Nettermalm (drums)
SACD 22061
A Unique Classical Guitar Collection - Stockholm Guitar Quartet      
Bach, Granados, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Debussy, Sor, Peterson-Berger Stockholm Guitar Quartet Peder Riis Duodecima Stockholm Guitar Trio
SACD 22062
Dreamsville - Maria Winther      
"Dreamsville" Maria Winther (vocal) Gösta Rundqvist (piano) Joakim Milder (tenor sax) Christian Spering (double bass) Ola Hultgren (drums)
SACD 22063
The Legendary Eva Taylor: Live at the Pawnshop      
"Live at the Pawnshop" Eva Taylor Maggie’s Blue Five
SACD 22071
Peder af Ugglas: Beyond      
"Beyond" Peder af Ugglas (electric guitars & slide, acoustic guitars & slide, balalaika, keyboards, piano, Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes, pumporgan, electric bass, percussion) Björn Hamrin (harmonica) Matts Alsberg (upright bass) Mats Persson (drums and percussion) Henrik Wartel (drums and ... more
SACD 22072
Swingcerely Yours - Lars Erstrand      
"Swingcerely Yours" Lars Erstrand
SACD 22081
Best of Omnibus Wind Ensemble, "Circo della vita"      
Mozart, Roman, Seymer, Rossini, Thelin, Aulin, Kraus, Agrell, Peterson-Berger, Bizet Omnibus Wind Ensemble
SACD 22082
Dan & the Electros: It's Never Too Late      
"It's Never Too Late" Dan & the Electros
SACD 22091
A Selection from Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE & The Swedish Jazz Kings    
"A Selection from Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE & The Swedish Jazz Kings" Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE The Swedish Jazz Kings
SACD 22101
Sticks & Stones      
"Sticks & Stones" Sticks & Stones
SACD 22102
Eric Bibb: Blues, Ballads and Work Songs      
"Blues, Ballads and Work Songs" Eric Bibb (guitar, vocal) Roger Ekman (Höfner violin bass, Vintage 63) Kabanga "Master Vumbi" Dekula (electric guitar) Bo Juhlin (Sousaphone) Christer Lyssarides (electric slide guitar, mandola) Svante Drake (mouth-percussion)
SACD 22111
Bottleneck John - All Around Man      
All Around Man: 1. Lonesome Valley 2. Come On In My Kitchen 3. No matter How She Done It 4. Autumn Rime 5. Do You Call That A Buddy? 6. Jesus Gonna Be Here 7. Out Of The Rain 8. All Around Man 9. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 10. Mandolinferno 11. How Long, How Long Blues 12. Only A Woman 13. ... more
SACD 23001
Hymne à l’univers - Wager      
Jehan Alain: Trois danses Josef Ermend Bonnal: Paysages euskariens Maurice Durufle: Scherzo, Op. 2 Andre Jolivet: Hymne a l'univers Mattias Wager, organ
SACD 23002
Eric Bibb: Rainbow People      
"Rainbow People" Eric Bibb
SACD 7723
Knud Jörgensen Jazz Trio: Teach Me Tonight      
"Teach Me Tonight" Knud Jörgensen (piano) Johan Dielemans (drums) Sture Åkerberg (upright bass)
SACD 8421
Bottesini/von Koch/Larsson: Concertos for Double Bass - Fredin      
Concertos for Double Bass and Orchestra by Giovanni Bottesini. Erland von Koch and Lars-Erik Larsson Thorvald Fredin (double bass) The Oskarshamn Ensemble Jan-Olav Wedin (conductor)
SACD 8522