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30th Anniversary Celebration Album
A selection from Test-records 1, 2 & 3
A Selection from Tomas Örnberg's BLUE FIVE & The Swedish Jazz Kings
A Unique Classical Guitar Collection - Stockholm Guitar Quartet
Astrand: Rauk - Global Percussion Network
B.B. Driftwood: Southward Bound
Benny Waters: Live at the Pawnshop
Best of Omnibus Wind Ensemble, "Circo della vita"
Bob Barnard & The Swedish Jazz Kings: A Tribute To Young Louis
Bottesini/von Koch/Larsson: Concertos for Double Bass - Fredin
Bottleneck John - All Around Man
Brahms: Clarinet Trio & Quintet - Kjell Fagéus
Dan & the Electros: It's Never Too Late
Dave Wilczewski: Room In The Clouds
Dreamsville - Maria Winther
Eric Bibb: Blues, Ballads and Work Songs
Eric Bibb: Good Stuff
Eric Bibb: Just Like Love
Eric Bibb: Rainbow People
Eric Bibb: Spirit & The Blues
Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble: A Star is Shining
Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble: Across the Bridge of Hope
Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble: Musica Sacra
Hymne à l’univers - Wager

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