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Ana Caram: Blue Bossa
Ana Caram: Hollywood Rio
Ana Caram: Rio After Dark
Babatunde Olatunji: Circle of Drums
Babatunde Olatunji: Love Drum Talk
Beat Kaestli: Invitation
Best of New York Sessions, Vol. 1
Best of New York Sessions, Vol. 2
Biber, Schmelzer: Music and Dance from the Viennese Court - Ars Antiqua Austria
Blues & Grass, The 52nd Street Blues Project
Bucky Pizzarelli: Swing Live
Candido & Graciela: Inolvidable
Carla Lother: Ephemera
Carlos Franzetti: The Jazz Kamerata
Carlos Heredia: Gypsy Flamenco
Carter/Cobb/Coleman/Stern: 4 Generations of Miles
Christy Baron: Retrospective
Christy Baron: Steppin'
Chuck Mangione: Everything For Love
Chuck Mangione: The Feeling's Back
Clark Terry: One on One
Clark Terry: Portraits
Dave's True Story: Unauthorized
David Chesky: Urban Concertos - Gergov

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