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Nicki Parrott: Sakura Sakura
Aalloilla (Waves) - Vox Aurea, Salminen
Yes: Big Generator
Widor: Violin Concerto & Symphony No. 1 - Levitin, Yates
Mozart: Serenade No. 13 "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", Divertimento No. 13 - Karajan
Roxy Music: Siren
Legends get it on!        (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
  Review by sacdave January 2, 2015

Odd disc for my SACD player it is stereo not multi-channel, but to get it to play I have to go to my MC format ? So put it in my PC and up convert to 7.2 with my receiver and it sounds good. The Various Artists is always nice to have good selection of songs. One other thing is after the Doobie Bros. China Grove the ... more

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Depeche Mode: Live in Berlin
Dvorak: Requiem - Wit
Bryan Adams: Reckless
Final Fantasy XIV: From Astral to Umbral (arrangement album)
Saint-Seans: Symphony No. 3 "Organ" - Warnier, Slatkin
Supertramp: Crime of the century
Puccini: Madama Butterfly - Karajan      (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
  Review by Joseph Ponessa January 16, 2015

The year was 1974, in which Herbert von Karajan made two recordings of MADAMA BUTTERFLY. Actually he made one-and-a-half recordings. In January he went to the Sofiensaal in Vienna and made the first, audio-only recording for Decca, with Luciano Pavarotti as Pinkerton. For some reason when time came to make the Unitel ... more