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Babatunde Olatunji: Circle of Drums      
"Circle of Drums" Babatunde Olatunji
Bob Dylan: Love and Theft      
"Love & Theft" Bob Dylan
CH 90340
David Elias - The Window        
"The Window" David Elias Sally Van Meter Matt Flinner Ross Martin Eric Thorin Marc Dalio John Magnie
Sketti Sandwich Productions
SSP 3162
David Elias: Crossing        
"Crossing" David Elias (acoustic guitar, vocal, harmonica) Sally Van Meter (Weissenborn guitar, dobro) Matt Flinner (mandolin) Eric Thorin (upright bass) Eric Moon (keyboards, accordian) Marc Dalio (drums) Chris Kee (upright bass) David Philips (pedal steel) John Harvard (electric guitar) Peter ... more
Sketti Sandwich Productions
SSP 1661
Derek & The Dominos: Layla      
"Layla" Derek & The Dominos

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