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Claire Martin: A Modern Art      
"A Modern Art" Claire Martin (vocals) Gareth Williams (piano) Laurence Cottle (bass) Nigel Hitchcock (alto sax) Mark Nightingale (trombone) Phil Robson (guitar) James Maddren (drums) Chris Dagley (drums) Sola Akingbola (percussion)
Linn Records
AKD 340
Claire Martin: Secret Love      
"Secret Love" Claire Martin
Linn Records
AKD 246
Diana Krall: When I Look In Your Eyes    
"When I Look In Your Eyes" Diana Krall
Tania Maria: Come With Me      
"Come With Me" Tania Maria (vocals, piano, keyboards) Eddie Duran, Jose Neto (guitar) John Pena (electric bass) Portinho (drums, percussion) Lincoln Goines (drums) Steve Thornton (percussion)
Concord Records

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