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  September 29, 2013

A live recording of a Helsinki PO/Kamu concert on 4 February 1982 in Osaka Festival Hall, this stereo-only single layer SACD boasts vivid, spacious, very realistic sound. The Fifth Symphony comes first and is an imaginative performance of a fairly orthodox interpretation - but is none the worse for ... more
  April 27, 2013

I enjoyed this recording, a straightforward performance well recorded. The orchestra does not sound massively sumptuous as on some RBCDs of this work but there is plenty of warmth as well as detail - many wonderful examples of the composer's fine-spun scoring emerge with remarkable clarity. I ... more
  December 13, 2012

This is more like it - after his lacklustre La Mer on the companion Debussy SACD Karajan was back on form here. The Orchestre de Paris play very well, the sound is equally good - and more importantly the performances are really very fine. The highlight is La Valse which comes first, and is ... more
  December 12, 2012

A surprisingly soft-grained and undramatic La Mer from Karajan - this can't compare to his famous 1964 DG recording, and certainly not to Haitink's superb recording made around the same time as this one (1977) and which is available on an excellent Universal SACD. The Bolero (especially) and ... more
  August 28, 2012

A recording made in September 1972 which has never ranked very highly by admirers of either artist, but i found much to enjoy here. Karajan never seemed particularly engaged as an accompanist for pianists - the main prosecution witness could be his dire conducting for Christoph Eschenbach's DG ... more

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