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Tears for Fears: Songs from the Big Chair      (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
  January 11, 2015

On the Original Mix, the 80's sound is very spacious, full of reverb/echo, homogenous sounds from the times...almost 30D. The clarity is stunning. Never owning this title before, one thing I noticed in "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" is a chord riff that supports each line of the vocals...always ... more
Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True      (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  December 23, 2014

I have the recent re-release UIGY9628 of "My Aim Is True". Purchased on a whim, I was only familiar with the two radio-played hits. Needed to add some punk to my collection. I am very pleasantly surprised, this one is getting heavy rotation on the playlist. Not just because the music is really ... more
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Second Helping        (3 of 4 found this review helpful)
  May 16, 2014

I have now listened to the AP SACD version of Second Helping, comparing to my "pry my hand off of" MFSL Ultradisc version. All I keep saying/thinking when I play the AP SACD is WOW. I can't believe how great this sounds! I mean it's Skynyrd, down home beer-drinking southern much attention ... more
Carpenters: The Singles 1969-1973      (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
  May 16, 2014

I've now listened to Carpenters The Singles 1969-1973 several times...I am addicted to this SHM-SACD. What a breathtakingly beautiful release. Vocally, you can actually hear her lips smack between lines, you can hear her breathe. So many nuances, so real. The backing vocals are very distinct, you ... more
Styx: Paradise Theatre      (0 of 3 found this review helpful)
  May 16, 2014

The Styx Paradise Theater SHM-SACD is very very clear. Dennis' voice, electric piano/synths are spot on. The stereo separation is very distinct. There is nice midrange, okay lows, but the high frequencies are too muted for my tastes. Not super dynamic, sort of lacks the impact and snap I would ... more

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