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Ray Charles: Genius Loves Company        (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
  April 27, 2005

With all the great talent assembled here this SACD is somewhat of a letdown specially after all the hype, promotion and awards. I really like a few of the cuts but if they are enough to justify the purchase is a good question. IMHO the outstanding cuts are: 1. Here We Go Again (with Norah ... more
Jazz at the Pawnshop - Arne Domnerus        (3 of 7 found this review helpful)
  April 26, 2005

Enough has previously been written about the performance over the years so I will just comment on the sound quality of the SACD in 2 Channel. As described in the accompanying notes Gert Palmerantz the recording engineer approached this project with a passion seldom encountered in a commercial ... more
  April 21, 2005

Just got this and find that IMHO in 2 channel it is not too good. The sound is too "up front" and "in your face". I have to play it back at a very low level as when the vocal is accompanied by anything more than one instrument it forms a "solid wall" of sound with no depth. Maybe this one is meant ... more
Tony Bennett: Playin' with My Friends      (0 of 2 found this review helpful)
  August 19, 2004

This is a very well recorded and very enjoyable disc. IMO it will appeal to a wide audience. It's the kind of disc that can put you in a really "relaxed state of mind". This is one "smooth disc", well worth picking up. Listened to in 2 channel.
  August 9, 2004

As I've posted here before, I really like the SACDs I have by Jacintha and this one is no exception. I find 'The Girl From Bossa Nova' to be a very relaxing well recorded listening experience. As far as this kind of Bossa Nova music itself goes and for genre reference purposes, well , let's just say ... more

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