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David Elias - The Window        
  October 13, 2003

I received this disc a couple of weeks ago and didn't really know what to expect apart from the fact that it was comprised of acoustic instruments and recorded with multi-channel 5.1 in mind. Since I really don't do MC music, I was hoping that the STEREO mix would be worthwhile and I can't say that ... more
  August 22, 2003

I have to agree with Tom's assessment of this one. You've got pretty darn good sonics and a rather stellar cast of female jazz singers such as Cassandra Wilson, Jane Monheit, Dianne Reeves and Diana Krall. Terrence's trumpet is clearly rendered whether playing sharply or muted, drumming by Eric ... more
  August 22, 2003

The first of two (The Sound Of Love being the other) Linn Tommy Smith hybrid SACDs that I have and this one features a completely different lineup with James Genus on accoustic bass, John Scofield on electric guitar and Clarence Penn on the skins. This title is interesting because it was recorded ... more
  August 22, 2003

One of two Tommy Smith Linn SACD hybrids that I got through Audio Asylum. There are more than a few standards here, six of twelve being Ellington compositions and In A Sentimental Mood being one of my favorites. This album is more slowly paced and the overall tone is along the lines of "Jazz for a ... more

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