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Tomita: Planets (Ultimate Edition)        (6 of 6 found this review helpful)
  January 4, 2013

This hybrid SACD contains stereo and 4.0 multi-channel audio and I think it's fantastic! In essence, Tomita's The Planets is an electronic rendition of The Planets by Gustav Holst. The idea of messing with a classic like The Planets might offend some, but not me - I love it! His interpretation is ... more
  November 6, 2012

This Left Feels Right is to Bon Jovi what MTV Unpugged is to Nirvana. TLFR demonstrates that Bon Jovi can perform without the need for full throttle on almost every other track. It's almost as if Bon Jovi were recording this album while trying not to wake a sleeping baby in an adjacent room. They've ... more

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