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  December 5, 2008

This SACD set contains a one-off live performance by the MDR SO from 2007, with applause before and after (separately tracked). I'm not sure how much, if any, patching was done after the concert. For the most part the playing is very fine, with only a slight lapse in ensemble at around the 11-minute ... more
  November 4, 2008

A very fine performance, well recorded, which satisfies fully on musical grounds but perhaps might fall slightly short on spiritual ones to the most demanding devotees of this work. I have listened several times to this SACD via my Stax earspeaker system and enjoyed it very much ... more
  July 25, 2008

Large scale Schubert - and it works very well. Russian pianists seem to have insights into Schubert's music and like his compatriots Richter, Ashkenazy and Gilels, Koudriakoff sees the piano sonatas as scarcely less imposing than Beethoven's, but with their own style. This D850 sonata has long ... more
  June 24, 2008

Dvorak's darkest, and probably best, symphony - the Seventh, is here given a very intense performance by Macal. His direct way with Dvorak works better here than with his rather bland account of the New World, though I felt a little more flexibility would not have gone amiss. He chooses some ... more
  November 9, 2007

This is the second volume in Tchetuev's planned sonata cycle, and very fine it is - his musical personality is now become a little clearer which can help us know what to expect in later volumes. The recording is as superb as on volume 1, with the complete absence of any ringing on the higher ... more

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