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  August 8, 2007

There is no shortage of fine New Worlds on SACD, but I'm not sure this one is quite among them. The performance is very well played and recorded, but Macal's interpretation is rather plain. Some may enjoy the directness of his approach, which is miles away from the very interventionist ... more
  July 9, 2007

An excellent SACD, if not quite as revelatory as the companion disc of the Pastoral Symphony from Paris, but much better filled of course. This one completes the middle trilogy from Kubelik's multi-orchestra Beethoven cycle for DG in the 1970s. If you want to assemble the whole cycle (on CD only ... more
  May 29, 2007

A delightfully enjoyable SACD - these are not piano duet arrangements, but instead a completely original second part by Grieg, to be played alongside the original score. It's great fun. The harmonies become fuller and richer, and there's more than a hint of modernity in some of the chromaticism ... more
  May 23, 2007

The editionís the thing here, at least it was the main attraction for me. If this had been of the 1877 text, Iím not sure I would have bought it. The score has been prepared by William Carragan, who is rewarded by having his name misspelled as Carrigan on the box cover. This SACD is one of only ... more
  March 26, 2007

Outstanding coupling in excellent sound, with both instruments ideally balanced. The Strauss was composed around the time of his early tone poems and is an agreeable piece, if hardly ranking among his best works. Holthe and Aspaas play superbly - the competition here is clearly Chung and Zimerman on ... more

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