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  March 13, 2007

Sadly I canít sum up much enthusiasm for this release. The playing is excellent and the recording very present and transparent Ė but it rather highlights the small scale of the performances, particularly the major work. Fast tempi are fine in the Eroica, as conductors like Scherchen and Bernstein ... more
Volodos Plays Liszt      
  March 7, 2007

This generous (76 minute) recital of heavyweight (often sombre) Liszt came with Volodos' signature on the front cover - genuine, as some of the gold ink had smeared onto the case. I would have happily forgone that for some notes in English (the booklet is entirely in German). The disc was recorded ... more
  February 19, 2007

A fine disc of some slightly unpopular repertoire - the Rachmaninov First Sonata has a similar structure to the far more well-known Second: a restless first movement, a bitttersweet slow movement, and a tempestuous finale. I can't imagine it being done much better than Mustonen manages here: he has ... more
  January 22, 2007

I bought this SACD on a whim, as it includes two of my favourite sonatas, the op.10 No. 3 in D, and the Appassionata. Plus the Les Adieux is always enjoyable. Iíd never heard of the label or the pianist so it was really a pig in a poke. Itís apparently volume 1 of a sonata cycle. On first listening ... more
  October 27, 2006

A powerfully played and recorded account, with a similar interpretative approach to the earlier SACDs in the series. The total timing is under 66 minutes, the Adagio comes in at 13'26, which should give some indication that this isn't a performance that will necessarily appeal to devotees of, say, ... more

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