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  October 19, 2006

I actually like this performance a lot more than I thought I would, especially the last two movements which I don't think I've heard done better, from the dozen or so recordings I have. I like the fast tempo for the Andante (not an Adagio) and Hamelin plays very well here, impulsive yet rapt and ... more
  June 20, 2006

A fine SACD of Schubert and Liszt, played in a very spontaneous manner, very much of the grand Eastern European style. The Wanderer is given a first rate reading, not overtly reverential as Schubert often is, in fact the performance is quite Lisztian in feeling. Similarly the major work by that ... more
  April 21, 2006

An excellent SACD, if slightly short measure at under an hour. Kobayashi and the Czech PO have made several fine recordings of Mahler and other composers, and with this one and the companion Manfred disc they move into the late Romantic era. For along time Iíve been seeking a performance of this ... more
  March 7, 2006

With a 6 movement work lasting an hour and a half it's difficult to talk of a 'best version' - it would be difficult for one interpretation of such a massive work to satisfy all listeners. But after surveying many versions of this, my favourite Mahler symphony, my conclusion is that Boulez's is the ... more
  March 7, 2006

Excellently recorded recital from Brilliant Classics. The piano and violin are ideally balanced in a warm acoustic of exactly the right size. The piano also sounds perfect, rich and full. The Tchaikovsky works come off well, though it is the two French sonatas that are perhaps the main feature, ... more

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