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  February 27, 2006

The first thing to say is that, like the Decca Legends redbook CD, this disc also contains Don Juan, and includes it on the cover – so the playing time comes in at a generous 75 mins. The famous recording of Also Sprach Zarathustra dates from 1959, the remainder of the program from 1960, all ... more
  February 8, 2006

'Weighty readings, very well recorded’ more or less sums up this fine set. Some might feel the need for a little more incisiveness but if crushing power and orchestral heft are your thing in Shostakovich, then look no further. The early symphonies are finely played and conducted, though the first ... more
  January 30, 2006

This stereo-only SACD is another of Universal’s Japanese-only releases, and so is only available as an import to Europe and the US. It forms part of a curious project that DG began in the early 1970s, to record all the Beethoven symphonies with Rafael Kubelik – but with nine different orchestras. ... more
  December 31, 2005

A very fine if expensive reissue from Universal Japan. Boehm's performance is still a demonstration disc over 30 years after it was made in Vienna's now-lamented Sofiensaal, with a wonderful airy feel to the acoustic and an orchestral sound which is both thrillingly immediate and with a wonderful ... more
  December 25, 2005

The first of hopefully a series of releases from an agreement between the Philadelphia Orchestra and Ondine, this SACD is a promising but not outstanding start. The main work, Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra, is given a good performance, Eschenbach occasionally choosing some expansive speeds. The ... more

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