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Reviews: New Haven Brass Quintet (Volume 4)

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Review by FullRangeMan January 28, 2012
Performance:   Sonics:
OK, this is a audiophile wish list item, as there is a Mark Levinson hand on it, due the RedRose press release and the Mr.ML fame, I had high expectations with this album, in the recording and musical performance. In the recording, the expectations have been confirmed, the sound is very natural, relaxed, and there is no tape hiss, I can no listen defects on the recording or at the SACD mastering.
Which was made in 1976 in a modified Studer A80 machine at 30IPS, at the Battel Chapel at Yale University, the recording session(1976) and SACD master(Sep2001) was made by Mr.ML himself.

But the musical part was not so well, the arrangements are brief, short versions, and the repertoire are not impressive or everyone taste, except the Beatles, maybe with more songs the repertoire would please me more.
The tuba player are great indeed, but he had few opportunities to show his talend, except on the Beatles stuff, I expect more...especially after listen the BIS Virtuoso trombone series in the 90 years, where Christian Lindberg gives a mamorable concert performance.
Listening to this RedRose album, I felt myself listening to a band on a Sunday afternoon in a small town bandstand.
Musically, the Virtuoso Trombone series from BIS Records are better, but there is no-one small sign of release of these gems CDs of Christian Lindberg and Roland Pontinen, as UltraLongTime SACDs, too bad.

The item is a real audiophile disc, great sound quality with a less good repertory, as usual in the audiophile labels from North America, but if you like the display program, it is very recommended.
Media is Stereo only, Single Layer SACD, No Bar Code, catalogue nº RRM-04, Time is 48:31 only, Twelve tracks:
1) Sonatina - A.Homzy 2:59
2) Concerto - Vivaldi/Bach 14:07
3) Amor Vittorioso - G. Gastolde 1:54
4) Brittanica for Bras 1:32
5) Mirabile Misterium - J.Handl 2:53
6) Ricercare Brevis - J.P.Sweelinck 2:31
7) Four Madrigals - P.Hindemith 6:48
8) Trois Chansons - C.Debussy 5:30
9) Four Songs - C.Ives 4:31
10) Magical Mistery Tour - Lennon/McCartney 1:36
11) Penny Lane - Lennon/McCartney 1:59
12) - Lennon/McCartney 2:06

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