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Reviews: Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A-Changin'

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Review by Audio Ed February 25, 2015 (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
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How do you review a Bob Dylan disc? He keeps one's interest with only his lyrics, voice, guitar and harmonica. The SQ on this is great. I know not think anyone will be disappointed, I sure was not. MOFI did a fantastic job here, it is not a showcase disc for one's system but it sure does sound great. This is a young Bob so each word is clearly heard and his emotion shines through. His skills as a guitarist are also easily noted since there is nothing to cover it up with. If you are considering getting this release, get off the fence and just do it.

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Review by analogue March 7, 2015 (8 of 8 found this review helpful)
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1963/ 10 tracks/ 45 minutes

In reviewing Mobile Fidelity sacd releases one must read the caption above the disc cover. If it says............Original Master is mastered from the master tapes. However if it reads Mobile Fidelity Sound assured its a transfer from a secondary tape source....or worse.

I don't blame Mofi for not being able to get the master source for this great album. But the listener has to live with the consequences. I liken this album to another Mofi effort.... The Freewheeling Bob Dylan. Both albums feature a closely Miked performance and also feature harmonica and acoustic guitar. They are personal performances........very intimate. Free wheeling came from a Sony tape source which took the original mono masters and created a new stereo version from them. Likewise with this new release the same was done.

Unfortunately the difference between the two is startling. Mofi's Freewheeling sacd is awesome while Times are a changin' suffers greatly. There is a very simplistic nature to the overall sound here.........and a glassy flatness. To make a long story short.....the tape source used really compromises the overall feel and quality of the entire album. I found myself drifting away to more mundane thoughts rather than being glued to the music.
I feel that Freewheelin is a mini masterpiece with the breath of life while this new sacd is a huge let down.

I don't want to trash Mofi......I do buy many of their sacds...........I will be reviewing their latest Chicago sacd (AWESOME).....and their release of Love Forever Changes is still impressing me every time I listen to it ...........but I cannot in full honesty recommend this particular sacd.

A VERY EXCELLENT ALBUM and collection of songs penned by Dylan but sound quality is dry and uninspiring for my tastes and on my system.

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