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Reviews: Blues Company: From Daybreak to Heartbreak

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Review by 24-96 Mastering January 11, 2005
This is one utterly mediocre disc.

Not judging the performance, the surround mixing is tasteless. I thought that at this point, we were past the "drums in the front, delayed gated reverb in the back"-phase of many early surround-experiments.

The instruments sound disjointed. The music never seems to "happen" - it reminds me of someone's early tries at multichannel recording (multichannel as in multiple channels recorded on a single machine, one after the other, not as in surround).

I hate to sound this mean, but this is what happens when powerful tools are used by people with little aesthetic knowledge of multichannel surround / the musical style they're recording.

For the good of Inacoustic, I must assume that the only reason this disc was released on their label was the fact, that it's a multichannel SACD. Had the label actually judged the title by its quality of content alone, it would have landed in the waste bin immediately.

One of the worst SACD discs to this day... but unfortunately it isn't even interesting as such: For demonstration purposes of a bad surround presentation, it is just not spectacular enough...

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