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Reviews: Bob Marley: Young Mystic

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Review by FivePointOne July 18, 2004 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Yet another gem from Steve Hoffman.

The songs are culled from very early (@ 1970) Wailers sessions with Jamaican producer Lee "Scratch" Perry. Apparantly, Hoffman got access to the original tapes and he has worked some magic here. The music is stellar, the harmonies are tight and, well, Bob Marley is Bob Marley. A couple of these songs later showed up (in different forms) on 1973's "Burnin."

Sonically, the 2.1 stereo sound is very clean and very warm. On a few cuts, the reggae bass playing will give your sub a workout. Hoffman is a master at taking old tapes and breathing life into them once again.

If you like reggae and want an SACD with clean, warm sound this is a stellar title to get.

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Review by zomax July 22, 2004 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Have to agree with everything the previous reviewer said. However, while the bass certainly stands out on this disc, I don't think there's a dedicated .1 channel direct to the sub. My sub is only connected to the LFE channel from my receiver and I don't get any sub on this disc. That's probably a good thing though because if it did it would probably shake the foundations of my building. Not to say that this disc is unbalanced--the mid range and treble is there too--its just the nature of reggae with its rather simple melodies and all. Bob's voice sounds better than I've heard it sound on these early recordings, but I didn't expect to see his ghost floating around the room or anything (though maybe I didn't have the right listening tools). I've heard the stereo separation (music in left, vocals in right) was somewhat off-putting, but they blended together fine to my ears. Music is good but not great--if you listen to the newly remastered Catch a Fire (if only it were on sacd...) I think you'll have an idea of "the good stuff" Bunny refers to in the liner notes.

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