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Reviews: Golden Earring: Naked III

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Review by PaulHoncoop April 24, 2005 (2 of 4 found this review helpful)
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Nothing wrong with this unplugged live performance by one of the oldest bands in the world that is still going strong for about 40 years. Naked truth volume I is still the best.

The multichannel mix is worst mixed. All the music and voices come from the front. The audience come from the rears (most of all only between the songs). You're not surrounded by music, and you get the strongest feeling you were listning to a normal stereo recording with an extra center.
No the multimix didn't surprised me.

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Review by JW May 26, 2005 (3 of 5 found this review helpful)
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This is a Stereo only review. I recently ordered the band's Naked III (live at the Panama) from CD-WOW. Smooth transaction. And cheap + WW free shipping. Anyway, I compared it to my older (1992) RBCD from a different acoustic set from the Earring (The Naked Truth). The CD layer of the SA-CD absolutely kills the old RBCD. So for Earring fans, I'd say go for it because the SA-CD layer kills the new CD layer along the usual lines :-)

Were the Earring a UK or US band they would be a global rock band of BIG proportions. But they are Dutch. Limited marketing reach. They sing in English - the lead singer Barry Hay is from the UK so no problems with silly Dutch accents.

This is the genuine article folks! It ROCKS. Old school style. No drum machines. Real music. Real musicians. Real people with real instruments. Mostly acoustic since this is one of those unplugged sessions. No wimpy acoustic session though. These guys sound big, assertive. They are master craftsmen.

The music is rock, of the masculine variety if that says anything. For some rockbands their hairdressers are more important than their musical integrity :-) - come to think of it, in a similar vein that can be said of many European Soccer players as well, but I am digressing :-). The guys here have their harts in the right places. Their music is both raw as well as melodic. They have penned many a catchy tune, with great guitar and acouctic bass fills. Their voices harmonize nicely. Cesar Zuiderwijk's driving drum beats underpin these sessions and contribute to that big forceful sound. They still use Taylor acoustic guitars (as they did in 1992) and these things have their own sound. As the Martin's have, but different. The Taylors are probably better rock guitars, whilst folks like James Taylor probably prefer the Martin. Different style. Different sound.

I cannot recommend this SA-CD enough. Forget they are Dutch. Buy it

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Review by sacdpatat January 7, 2011 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
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The Golden Earring are a dutch band. I believe they nevertheless had two singles in the American top 10 . (radar love, when the lady smiles). I listened in stereo only and found the soundquality very good for a live recording.

If there was ever a good test whether or not SACD improves the quality of rockalbums I think it is in the live recordings. You just hear a lot more from what was going on, with better stereo imaging, and a lot of harsness taken away, giving way to so much more detail. Mastering nicely done by Sander, maybe just a tad to dense. I love it anyway.

I didn't listen to the surround mix so I cannot really comment on it. But I see nothing wrong with the instruments coming from the front and the reverb and crowd from behind, that would be as if you were present at the gig. I sure hope no engineer gets in in his mind to make instruments come from the BACK in live recordings? That would be his last surprise probably...

A nice set with good sound, one of my favourites 'sleep walking' was included as well. Nice! If you are a fan of the Earring, or rock music in general, this might be an album for you.

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