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Reviews: The Strauss Family - RPO/Guth

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Review by raffells March 24, 2006 (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
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BIG Band Strauss..A good selection of the most popular items and a few unusual fillers as a bonus.Not all of this music benefits from the large scale wide range big band type and on a few tracks I wished for a more intimate closer recording.The way it was written. OH Well .There are obviously better versions of all these items and it depends if you want these works sounding smoothly sophisticated even when they are sometimes meant to be different.The conducter does have a Vienna background and the whole production seems effortless.No great suprises but 66 minutes might seem a bit too heavy near the end when Roses from the South could do with a bit more sparkle. The last Membran batch are certainly smoother sonic wise..
I suppose if I claim to have bought this for a friend or by accident I may retain a small amount of street cred but at the price its good value...They could have at least made an effort by putting THREE cherries or are they apples on the usual boring cover..Dave..

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Review by FullRangeMan December 18, 2008 (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
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The only problem with this SACD IMHO seems to be conductor Peter Guth do not like Strauss music and made a jet performance to go away faster for the tea, mainly in the Blue Danube and shoot it at 9m41s,
maybe a new Guinness Record. My other hypothesis for this crude performance are this recording was a rehearsal for the RPO. I have this disc, but will waiting for a SACD of Karajan usual gorgeous performances
of Waltzes. The Stereo sound are the usual good PCM of the RPO series.

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