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Reviews: Ginparis Session - Masayuki Takayanagi

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Review by FullRangeMan June 4, 2010
Performance:   Sonics:
I will not lie, I buy this SACD only for the Greensleeves unusual beautiful huge 17 minutes arrangement, but I found the others tracks are very pleased to listen over and over, this disc do not weigh in your head and can be heard many times, always looking at different aspects of the performance or environmental noises. The music is improvised Jazz by great japanese musicians and the outcome to the music lover is a hi musical satifastion.
Ginparis Session is a very musical SACD in performance and in the recording, even being a mono recording(not Stereo as this site database inform) one can see it was made a good job on this analogue tape recording, all instruments can be very well heard and more alot of room noises too.
The DSD mastering(2006) is good quality, and good natural sound can be heard on this disc, the live audience is friendly and give an idea of the room dimensions, it was recorded at Ginparis Studio, Ginza, Tokyo in 26JUN1963,

The disc package is the nice mini-LP jacket in cartoon, with the original 1972 LP cover/back cover photos, the liner notes are extensive but only in japanese, a pity, I like this additional information on historical works. A hi musical level Jazz japanese SACD as this one for 24 dollars is not expensive, give me a happy.
Barcode 4582192931455 Time 51:26, only four tracks:
1 - Greensleeves 17:38 --- Masaiuki Takayana-Guitar, Hideto Kanai-A.Bass, Kunimitsu Inaba-A.Bass, Masahiko Togashi-Drums
2 - Nardis 10:52 --- Masabumi Kikuchi-Piano, Hideto Kanai-A.Bass, Masahiko Togashi-Drums
3 - IF I were a bell 12:24 --- Sadanori Nakamurei-Guitar, Terumasa Hino-Trumpet, Kunimitsu Inaba-A.Bass, Yoroshi Yamazaki-Drums
4 - Obstruction 11:32 --- Yosuke Yamashita-Piano, Kyohei Uyama-Guitar, Hideto Kanai-A.Bass, Masahiko Togashi-Drums

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