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Reviews: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio: Live at the Misty

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Review by FullRangeMan August 28, 2010 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This disc is a Stereo Hybrid SACD recorded live in Analogue tape(Philips Pro-1951, 2 channel recorder) and Ampex AG-440B recorder, in Chritmas Day 25Dec1974 at The Misty Club, Roppongi-Tokyo, so Tsuyoshi Yamamoto was in a overground playing this night and the audience also was hi in the Club and follow Moaning with claps, people even talk around the stage unceasing.

This album show four tunes in sequence, they are live shots, there is no cut/gap in the tape between the songs, the performances are strait, unhesitatingly, confident, Yamamoto do not wait applause and start another theme promptly, this SACD keep a great Jazz moment from a distant year of past.
The small liner-notes book show a interesting drawer of club, looks a small one, full list of the mikes and studio equips are provided, the performances of The Loving Touch(Errol Garner) and Dark Eyes(Traditional) are memorable and enthused the public, looks full house this night.
I fail to listen tape hiss in this SACD from the seat, as there is no low level passages, Barcode 4582192931417 time is 39:31, only four tracks:
3. DARK EYES - 14:00
4. MOANIN' - 6:39
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto: Grand Piano
Akira Daiyoshi: Ac-Bass
Toshio Osumi: Drums
Koji Moriyama: Congas
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P.S.> This SACD is suited to test/adjust the soundstage of your speakers or headphones, also dynamic tests with Piano and Drums, and great fun to listen.

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Review by Bill Mac October 6, 2011 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I have Midnight Sugar and Misty on SACD and they sound outstanding. I can not say the same for the Live At The Misty SACD. As mentioned in a previous review the audience noise is very distracting. I thought maybe it would be occasional clapping but there are members of the audience that are talking during the whole concert. It is so distracting that it takes away from the enjoyment of listening to the SACD. I would highly recommend those interested in CD/SACDs from Tsuyoshi Yamamoto to avoid this title.

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