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Reviews: Jason Miles: Celebrating the Music of Weather Report

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Review by ravnspore May 22, 2003
Performance:   Sonics:
With a huge assembly of star performers like
Marcus Miller, Dennis Chambers, Jay Beckenstein etc.,
the performances are top-notch, but the overall
production borders on "smooth", although some of
Weather Reports' catalogue is quiet catchy in a
"pop" kind of way and therefore lends itself to
a slightly more "poppy and smooth" version of fusion jazz.

So nothing new for Weather Report fans to find here,
although they may enjoy the above mentioned performers'
versions of the WR classics, but for newcomers this may
be a good introduction to Weather Report.

The sonics are as usual for Telarc, fantastic, and the
music is perfectly suited for 5.1, and the mix does not
disappoint, with tastefull use of the surrounds for synths,
percussion and "atmosphere", but the main performance is up-front.

Performance: 4 - Sonics: 5!

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Review by jimmyjames8 October 25, 2003
Performance:   Sonics:
Interesting disc. After the first listen, my review would have been summed up with 2 words, "Ho Hum". After the second listen with my XA777ES warmed up my reaction would have to be, "Good to Very Good". I only recognized 2 songs from the music itself without looking at the track list. The readings here of Weather Report tunes border on deconstruction but a very well executed deconstruction. I do not care for the group's rendering of Birdland at all, but hey it's been done to death already. Muisc in a Spyro Gyra/Yellowjackets sort of vein, not really at all like the Original Weather Report to these ears but enjoyable in the extreme. Some may find this disc boring and monotinous(sp) but not I. Check it out on Telarc's website or Amazon via the sound bites B4 buying if any doubts. It's a modern music keeper for me.

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Review by 24-96 Mastering January 11, 2005 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Musical performance: from boring to great.
Musical taste: mostly disgusting.
Sonic quality: great.

The thing that really puts me off is the "eighties-fusion-clean-kitsch-keyboard"-approach that has been taken, production-wise. When Birdland starts and you're hearing the indefinitely tasteless OOH-keyboard-voices from the rear, it is hard to remain open. The rest of the disc does get better however. Especially Palladium is a great track, although the rough and dirty original still wins.

Most of the performances of the amazing line-up of musicians are very disappointing, because the greatness of their playing, the virtuosity, has no place in this production. Many parts played by world class musicians could just as well have been programmed.

In my view, this disc is not so much for the jazz or whether report fan. It is just too clean-cut, too sterile, too "un-jazzy" and too kitschy to satisfy a jazz lover. But audiophiles who are looking for some discs to impress (themselves and others) may find this disc interesting.

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