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Reviews: Dowland: The Complete Solo Lute Music - Jakob Lindberg

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Review by FullRangeMan January 28, 2009 (5 of 9 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Some music scholars say the greatests classical composers are the BBB, this SACD proof this is not true, there is various composers better than Bramhs like Dowland, Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky,
Ravel and Schumann herself. Dowland 1563-1626 was composer, lutenist and singer, yours lute songs(ayres), dances and consort music are the most important and beautiful of the renaissance.
This disc music is very sweet, stylish and melancholy (semper Dowland, semper dolens), with a endless waterfalls of arpeggios, basso contrapunto, 16 century melodic effects, dissonances, chromatic
fantasies, codas and a marvel delicate tone voice of a lute. A good listening for a relax evening or a serious audiophile night, maybe all the week nights as 92 tracks/255 minutes is a lot of music.

I buy this gem in Amazon.UK through WWW.SA-CD.NET, misfortune Amazon.UK send me a unsealed open SACD, with the 3 parts of the SA-JewelBox broken and the disc full of scratches and fingerprints,
what I will complaint today yet. This seems a used SACD, anyone have listen this wonderful disc many times. The good booklet inform the recording was made in a Fostex PCM 16bits circa 1994
and the sound is very good with many ambience and a nice acoustic space, this details are fine micro-dynamic a regular 16/44CD disc simply do not can delivery.

This new Stereo only, Ultra Extended Playing Time SACD format from BIS is a real advance over the usual Hybrid short time 70minutes Stereo+MultiCt mix SACD, with a needless LOW FI(Rez) redbookCD layer. This Stereo only 260 minutes format is the best music format since the wax cylinders, a 'new' media NO BluRay(PCM) and NO download music files can exceed due the low price of this item on BIS catalog and the long durability of the optical disc. This Stereo only 260 minutes disc is a fantastic option, it have the best mix (Stereo), the best encoding (DSD) with over 4 hours of music for a ridiculus price.
This format is the creme de la creme. BIS Records has assured his place in music history for it.
I believe this item can have a high price in the future after stocks ending in the web shops, it already reach 18 pounds in Amazon.UK.
I rate performance 5 stars and recording 4 stars, but this SACD is so musical, beautiful and involvent it surpass the 5 stars scale.
A obligatory disc for melomanos, audiophiles, pro-audio guys and mainly for Heavy Metal guitarists and Rock Guitar Heroes of the moment. Highly Recommended...

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Review by miguelito54 December 23, 2009 (5 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
There is no shortage of recordings of Dowland's lute music. Since the first complete recording in the LP era, by 5 different lutenists on Decca's L'Oiseau-Lyre label, there have been at least three more, all by lutenists involved in that project: Paul O'Dette (Harmonia Mundi USA), Jakob Lindberg (BIS), and Nigel North (Naxos) - the latter two being available at budget price (Lindberg's even on Brilliant Classics), so the competetion is tough. All are first-rate interpretations, all these lutenists are among the top players of their instrument and their love and respect for the music is clearly audible. The advantage of Lindberg's on SACD is excellent sound and the playing time: 255 minutes on one disc.
Recording is close, sometimes you hear the fingers sliding over the strings - I like this, the lute is a low-volume, intimate instrument, and to these ears placing it into cavernous churches is inappropriate. I have not heard the red book CD version, only other Lindberg solo lute recordings on BIS, and sound-wise this is a notch better. I think it is impossible to choose between the three available complete recordings as far as the quality of the playing is concerned, but this SACD gives you the best sound with every possible detail of the lute sound directly in front of the listener.
I wish there were more single layer long playing SACDs like this.

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