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Reviews: Foghat: Fool For The City

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Review by analogue February 23, 2009 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
It seems that in order to rightfully review an sacd one would have to have an actual sacd player and a decent stereo system. Its never fair to review the cd layer even if it is derived from the sacd layer. Otherwise the person in question will not really know or understand why sacd is special. There is an awful amount of information on master tapes and cd will never do it justice. And only good equipment will bring those nuances out.

Mobile Fidelity has done a stellar job in bringing this sacd to us. Its their third straight classic title to be released this year. tHE OTHERS BEING TWO mARVIN gAYE CLASSIC ALBUMS.

This Foghat release is a little warm, very good ambiance, decent bass, crisp guitar work and good vocals. This release does not suffer from the digititis disease where your ears will want to turn off because the highs squeal. In that regard the sacd is nuetral.

The only thing a person might complain about is that they dont like all the songs. I am easilly accepting of all claissic rock and even though I only knew two songs from the radio I really enjoy the whole album.

They don't make them like that any more.

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Review by lampertb January 28, 2011 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Well (as the previous reviewer mentioned), I DO own SACD-capable equipment and have played this album. I think that it's outstanding... kind of like Motley Crue, but a little more innocent. :-)

I must admit that I simply dig MoFi releases... haven't bought a bad one yet. Nevertheless, what MoFi claims on its site about being astounded at the amount of detail brought out by the clearing-away of the mastering process is probably legit. I honestly am surprised that a record this old, with a band that at that point had so few... resources, sounds this good.

Have you ever heard the full-length "Slowride"? Me neither, 'til I bought this SACD. Worth the price of admission by itself... but it's not even my favorite track. Great release!

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Review by pvcmusiclover April 11, 2012 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
The tight sonics of this album are really well revealed by the MFSL transfer. That's for sure. Slow Ride is a great example. Just the snap of the drums, etc. By far, way cleaner/tighter than version out there (that I can think of).

Sorry to be picky, but I really don't like MFSL's idea that one can always 100% of the time commit something to disc without using any corrective EQ whatsoever. For one, the low end really drops off under about 100 or 80hz. To really get the low bass notes or the impact of the kick drum, this is simply unacceptable! Secondly, some songs sound just straight bland without a little bit of added high end.

I took 88.2/24 rips of the DSD and EQed them to my heart's content. Lemmie tell you, after a little EQ work, this disc sounds amazing. I should also note that I don't usually mess with EQ (particularly the treble) it sounds 'good enough' to my ears.

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Review by Marpow January 18, 2015 (1 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Foghat: Fool For The City, Hybrid SACD Stereo MOFI 2008 release.

This album originally released in 1975 is a rock n rollers must have disc. It Has a DR 11 which is good for 70's rock. My MOFI disc # 02154.

Performance: What a great disc by this British Blues/Rock band. The music and the lyrics on every track is just pure rock fun. Fool For The City and Slow Ride are Rock n Roll staples and the rest of the disc holds up to those two huge tracks. When listening to this performance it was the rest of the disc that just made this so complete unlike Grand Funk Railroads, Where An American Band. Slide guitar mastery by Rod "The Bottle" Price is well, priceless. Equal to Johnny Winter and that is saying a lot. This performance is so good that even if I had a less than stellar disc it would be OK.

Stereo Sonics: In a word, awesome. Plays loud so well. I have listened 4 times in the last two days. No shrill vocals, nice and airy, drums and cymbals resonate beautifully, nuances included are breath of vocals and strings of guitar hearing vibrations and pick strokes, all this being subtle of course.
Stereo is well placed, for instance vocals come dead center and when two guitars are soloing the drums and bass come center. The right speaker puts out a tiny bit more unnoticed to my ear but shows up on my digital read out on amp. There is no need for sub woofer as the bass/treble mix is perfect in my opinion, in fact the sub doesn't really get activated that much. As always HDMI outs of my SACD player.

Packaging: MOFI at some time changed there colored strip at top of front cover from yellow as you see on this site to green, what I have. On the MOFI site it is yellow and on the Amazon site it is green. The cover has a green aura to it so maybe that is the reason for change? Cardboard gate fold with same photo on inside as rear. Basic liner notes including basic MOFI notes.

I like writing reviews of discs, and sometimes it is hard when not all the pieces are equal, but this disc is firing on all cylinders and I will play again today.
Very glad I have it.

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