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Reviews: Jen Chapin: Revisions - The Songs of Stevie Wonder

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Review by Stanbury June 16, 2011
Performance:   Sonics:  
This is an album of songs mostly by Stevie Wonder, sung by Jen Chapin, with Stephan Crump on bass (plucked and bowed) and Chris Cheek on saxophones. The style is spare contemplative acoustic jazz (with some subtle electronic embellishments); being only a trio, the musicians are highly exposed. It is recorded in Chesky’s usual exemplary fashion in 4.0 (or 4.1?) surround; the lack of a center channel does not detract on my system.

The songs are
You Haven’t Done Nothin’
Master Blaster
Higher Ground
Jesus Children of America
Village Ghetto Land
If It’s Magic
She’s Gone
Pastime Paradise
Big Brother
All of these songs are written by Stevie Wonder except for Renewable and She’s Gone, which are by Chapin herself.

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Review by pvcmusiclover April 11, 2012
Performance:   Sonics:  
I really like the concept of this record company: they set up a single stereo microphone in an acoustic space (in this case, a church) and let it rip. The tracks are raw and un-edited and it's sure genuine DSD with no limiting.

Frankly, the music is rather boring. Nothing I would listen to for anything else than a test piece. That being said, the sonics are good. You can hear the space they recorded in (that's the point).

The problem is that, as purist audiophiles, an equalizer does not exist in their universe. Why does it matter? I imported 88.2/24 rips an looked at a spectrum analyzer to verify this - there's a ton of subsonic junk in the recording that loads down amplifiers and woofers. Nothing that a simple rolloff at 20hz couldn't fix. Secondly, the high end is really recessed. Nothing that a little treble boost couldn't fix.

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