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Reviews: Penguin Cafe Orchestra: A Brief History

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Review by SnaggS September 10, 2006 (2 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Wonderfull introduction to the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and you'll wish there was more.. They're not Jazz, they're not Classical, they are there own sound.. and its just great for Sunday afternoons.

Very glad to have this on SACD.. sonics are great.


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Review by FullRangeMan February 26, 2009 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
After almost a year finally managed to get hands on this rare jewel, after 6 or 7 unsuccessful purchases. Having various refunds I came with two regular CDs due two miships, one from
and other from DigitalWaves-UK ( aka AllYourMusic ). I do not know why this happen, as the BarCode of the regular CD ( 724381148723 ) is different from the BarCode of the SACD ( 724381284827 ),
the SACD I receive have the usual Super Jewel Box ( round corners ), the booklet have all the usual SACDs logos, this important SACD item deserved better treatment.

As today FEB2009, all Amazons and various 3th parties sellers seems do not have this item in SACD, only the regular CD, if you want this paradise music in full SACD glory, make what I do,
look at WWW.HIFI-CD.COM ( Hong Kong ) in the SACD Audiophile categorie, the ship cost is very low and the service first Class, Iam impressed with HIFI-CD attention and good service( this is my
first order with they ), I receive this item in 12 days ( very fast ).

This disc is a fantastic compilation ranging old( 1976 ) and less olds( 2001 ) hits ( ? ) of the band, the producer have attention to details and order the songs so they have more musical and emotional
impact on the listener, ending the disc with a celestial soprano performance of Grace Davidson. This is a superlative SACD, face to face with PinkFloyd / DSotM and years ahead of the ghost of the
past Mini-Max / KraftWerk, there is 19 tracks, time is 77:36, the Stereo sound are very good, there is no information about the recordings as is usual in Best Of releases, this SACD have wonderful
transients, the overall Stereo sound is excelent, the DSD mastering by Ray Staff at Sony Rec.Studio do miracles here, because the rbCDs I have of this band have a hard mid and treble close-up
sound, the SACD bass have a English accent, it is there but not bothering anyone, is discreet.

But what suprise me, all the songs are stunning good and musically consistent. All tracks are carefully building and researched to surprise and enchant the listener, and have new musical ideas
and instrumental effects on every song that any Prog. Rock band surelly envy. It is really difficult to classify the music of the Penguins, they are one of the best Progressive Rock band or JazzRock
band or Fusion band or Classical band or Folk band I ever listen. There should be more musicians and composers of this caliber on this planet. Still good there is no Multi-Ct mix.
Highly recommended for all human being still alive, especially if you are sad or depressed lately after the Global Crisis of 2008. Performance 5 STARS, Stereo Sound 4 STARS.

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