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Reviews: Elvis Presley: Elvis is Back!

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Review by pontiac December 1, 2012 (4 of 4 found this review helpful)
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You wait years for an elvis sacd and then 2 come along at once! 24 karat hits along with this gem. Early elvis is always stunning and make no mistake this is a great disc. The soundstage is very big for a recording of this vintage. Elvis had a great line up of talent and top recording talent for this album and it shows. Its always been a great sounding album but this version blows all that came before it out of the water. Some fantastic pop,blues and ballads make you want to play it over and over. You can also play it loud without any of the harshness that you sometimes get with the cd versions. Great sound and great music, worth every penny. More please!

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Review by analogue February 5, 2013 (7 of 7 found this review helpful)
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Yep. The previous reviewer is right.

As I mentioned in a previous review...master tapes are a funny thing. Some sound very old and worn a new transfer can do little to benefit the sacd release. Other tapes sound so fresh and new that its remarkable that such a thing can actually be real.

One such case is this 2nd Elvis release on sacd. Gotta say the sound on this 50 plus year old recording is pretty impressive. Downright awesome.

Now its true the actual recoding technique might put some people is rock and roll in its infancy after all. But putting that aside for the moment the quality of the tape source and the mastering are a marvel to hear.

This was Elvis's come back record of sorts after his stint in the military. His focus changed somewhat and he recorded a rather brave and bold selection of songs. This album is a classic.....albeit very short in duration....32 minutes.

The recording is bold and lush and the voice of Elvis is at times forward in the mix (Fever) AND AT OTHER TIMES PUSHED INTO THE CENTER ON THE MUSIC. What is really impressive as well is that finally his band and their instruments are also as real as the vocals. Something rarely imagined while listening to regular cd's. Musically this may be Elvis's best album because its adventurous and and risky in nature. when THE VOLUME IS RAISED THERE ARE MOMENTS OF GREAT THREE DIMENSIONAL FEEL AND INSTRUMENTS ARE AS NATURAL AS CAN BE. One can clearly hear the quality of his voice.his over loaded microphone..its just terrific.

If only all older classic rock could sound this good.

Highly recommended.
A great sacd of a truly great album.
.Good job Mr. Marino

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Review by progboy February 15, 2013 (5 of 5 found this review helpful)
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Elvis Presley - Elvis Is Back! RCA Victor Records (1960) SACD

Here is a great Elvis album that shows a more maturing and diverse artist in development. This was something like Elvis' 10th album and represented a real shift in his approach.

In 1960 this album peaked at number 2 on the Billboard charts and was released in both mono and stereo. This album is also referenced in Robert Dimery's "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" novel. Interesting note that the album was produced by Chet Atkins as well.

George Marino at Sterling Studios did the mastering for Analogue Productions and he did a masterful job! The sound is nice and clear with clear definition and a rich full sound. There is also a great deal of depth in this recording .......for example "Fever" has these snapping fingers going on during the song and they actually made me turn around at one point during playback as the sound is just so real ! Another awesome moment is the last chord on the song "solder boy" which just tears right thru you!

I have never heard Elvis ever sound this good.....and what a great album too !

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