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Reviews: Elvis Presley: Stereo '57 (Essential Elvis Volume 2)

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Review by pontiac May 21, 2013 (5 of 6 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is the third elvis sacd release from the folks at Analogue productions and its another great release. Genuine stereo from 1957 in crystal clear quality. I think its a must have release for the great versions of "I beg of you". Elvis is clearly very relaxed and only too willing to do as many takes as needed. The studio banter gives that in the room feeling. Add in some fine bonus tracks in mono, including a great version of "Tell me why" and you cant go wrong with this disc. I also bought the 45rpm vinyl version which i think is even better. Neither version will let you down though.

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Review by analogue June 3, 2013 (4 of 5 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Am I ever impressed with this new Elvis sacd. I like it more every time I give it a listen. To think they were going to erase and throw this in the trash...what a tragic loss that would have been.
This disc is essentially the many takes produced to create one of Elvis's soundtracks plus some other cuts like Blueberry hill.

This recording from 1957 is expected.....somewhat old school and the early days of stereo. The voice of Elvis is essentially coming out of one speaker while the Jordonaires and the instruments are coming out of the other speaker. This may put some listeners off at first but after one track you'll get very used to it and the music will be quite cohesive and flowing.

I would call this recording a wide one in which the sound is lush and full bodied. I would not be surprised if the mastering tech simply lined up the tape source, pressed play and also pressed play on the Dsd recorder. There need not be any tinkering at all. The sound is very natural, lifelike and authentically analog sounding.

This disc might be my favorite of the 3 new Elvis sacd's released, It is very musically involving and one is swept up in the music. We hear Elvis crack up during takes......making suggestions and displaying a very carefree attitude where he's not afraid to make suggestions and joke around. Its a great behind the scenes glimpse at another time and place....and where musical history was being made. Whats not tO like when you have sound quality like this???

This is a stereo release but because the voice of Elvis is captured on one layer of tape and is singled out as it reminds me of multi channel recordings which feature the same thing. When one gets to hear the voice of a singer when its into mixed into the gets a great inkling as to the quality of said voice. This is not today's era where a singer is recording in pro tool pcm and the sound is massaged and tinkered with to make someone sound good. When you go to the analogue era recordings.............the singer cant really hide. Elvis could sing and this disc proves it.

There are also some mono bonus cuts which sound good but seem to have reverb or echo added to them..... While the stereo cuts are drier sounding., There are also a few drop outs but 99 percent of this disc sports stupendous sound.

Lastly...this sacd is highly crankable. And when it pops into focus the sound is awesome. Its airy and full of weight and substance with nary a digital squeak to be heard.

Highly recommended.
An ESSENTIAL Elvis DISC ALMOST LOST TO US. Play it loud. Real loud. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.

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Review by Tony Y. June 20, 2013 (1 of 1 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
"Analogue" 's review is very true. I felt surprise at the beginning when I heard Elvis's sound just came out from left speaker. This is a stereo recording ???
After a few minutes, I adapted it and listened till the last song. The recording was very good and highly recommend to all Elvis fans.

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