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Reviews: Chicago: Chicago VI

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Review by vonwegen January 11, 2014 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
I have the original Joe Gastwirt-mastered CD of this and was quite happy with its sound. But the Mobile Fidelity SACD blows that away--the experience is similar to watching HD television for the very first time. This album is frankly quite spotty in the songwriting department, and without the two hit singles, would be rather forgettable. That said, "Just You & Me" and "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" are among the very best Chicago songs and the band really kicks into gear for both.If you wake up in the morning and discover you're short of coffee, play either song to shake off the cobwebs--it really works!

This album is a classic 1970s "small isolation booth" recording and you can really hear it on this SACD - especially the drums are very 'boxy' sounding, but you _feel_ every drumskin hit, especially when listening on audiophile headphones. The lead vocals almost breathe in your ears, as does the horn section--if you love horns in hi-rez audio, look no further.

Yeah, Chicago II is the better album, but this one is still a winner, even with only 2 keeper songs. And the other 8 songs? Variable. The LP-like cover is a fold-out, and the photo inside reveals just how exhausted the band seemed to be. Big fans of the band might not be as annoyed by Robert Lamm's rhyming dictionary lyrics, and Terry Kath's guitar is is, as always, in fine form. His one song contribution, "Jenny" is not among his very finest, but his lead vocal shines anyway. Cetera's tunes are less memorable - it's only when he & James Pankow teamed up for "Stronger" that the sparks started to ignite.

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Review by whoareyou March 21, 2014 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
This is a very nice sounding SACD. All percussion nice, no harshness, horns great. Very natural sounding. I just pulled my 30 year old? LP version of this and compared (is it really that old? That LP also still sounds great, but I think I'm preferring this new SACD to the vinyl. All in all a good purchase as opposed to some of the poor SA-CD's I've been disappointed with. Ca't give it 5 stars, cause I have many that sound better, but this is darn good.

Have to disagree with vonwegen a bit on the content. Guess to each their own, but I find the entire album worthwhile, and like some of the non-hits every bit as much as the mega pop hits that drew attention to the album.

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Review by analogue April 17, 2014 (2 of 2 found this review helpful)
Performance:   Sonics:
Its pretty cool to hear Chicago in good fidelity and not goosed up as some cd remasters certainly are.

From the moment the first track played and the single vocal and piano entered the room..I knew this sacd was a winner.

Chicago was a very talented and original group who had a giant string of hit singles throughout the 70;s. I will exclude any reference to their 80's output as they were different band then.

There are several other tracks which deserve our attention here not just the two hits. Just you n me and Feeling stronger everyday sound very good here but some might notice no remixing as the cd's did this. Horns are not overblown or made louder and there are no jumps in the overall volume here either.
What Mofi did was give us the unaltered studio mix....flat transferred and that's exactly how it sounds. Perhaps reference to vinyl is a good comparison.

Overall this new sacd sports really good sound. It is relaxed, organic and very natural sounding. There isn't any one area that really stands out......rather all the musical elements are rendered faithfully and they all contribute to excellent sound. horns ARE NOT SHRILL OR BRIGHT BUT SOUND VERY NATURAL. oN SOME CD'S THEY ARE OVERBLOWN AND EXAGGERATED. Vocals are natural and lifelike. Drums can sound very real also. There is some very nice rolls hear and there.

Mofi did a very good job here.
No complaints.
Highly recommended.
If this is a sample of future releases by Mofi of this great band....Ill be buying them for sure.
Good job Mofi.

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