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Post by minio April 11, 2013 (1 of 6)
I've just received a Marantz KI Pearl Lite CD player which I will evaluate in the coming days. Having recently been using a Musical Fidelity M3 cdp and also an old Philips CD850 I shall be interested to see how it fares. I only have a couple of SACDs, a Bob Dylan sampler and Nick Drakes best of, but I may get a couple more in the future as I like what I've heard so far. My tastes are generally jazz and jazz pop styles with some classical. I haven't got an Eminem CD and no plans to get one in the future ( with reference to a What Hifi review) !

Post by hiredfox April 11, 2013 (2 of 6)
Hi minio, you are new to this site and probably disappointed at receiving no replies to your enquiry. Please understand that most subjects have been covered ad nauseam on this forum so people are loathe to recover old ground. I suggest you will find your answer on the thread 13 million SACD players which you should read right through.

Post by dcramer April 12, 2013 (3 of 6)
hiredfox said:
You're a good man, Mr. Luke.

Post by hiredfox April 14, 2013 (4 of 6)
It is probably worth adding that the Pearl Lite is an excellent SACD player that will not disappoint and is almost certainly best in class

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dcramer said:

You're a good man, Mr. Luke.

Probably not as helpful as I could have been but it is encouraging to see a lot of new 'faces' on here. Our passion is gaining reputation and ground at long, long last it seems.

We 'old' hands have a duty of care for our new colleagues so we should make greater efforts to bridge the experience gap that arises.

Post by minio April 14, 2013 (6 of 6)
With a limited knowledge of SACD players and limited collection of SACDs I dare to agree with the "best in class" based on how good my Claire Martin Too Darn Hot SACD sounds. I've certainly had some not so great experiences with cheaper SACD players that only seem to prove that some SACDs can sound better than RBCD but in themselves are not great overall players.

The KI PL has changed that preconception. My impression so far is of a laid back soundstage and lack of mid range forward in your face style and that suits some jazz very well. Clarinets and saxophones sound particularly sumptuous and expressive on this player. I also like the fact that all my old CDs aren't left sounding too far behind up against the newer SACD format.

As the MF M3 is not SACD I have used it as an RBCD reference for my newer acquisition. The old Philips CD850 seems more mid range and bass prominent with a scruffy treble and is a blast from the past.

Just thought I'd put my 2 cents worth of experience onto your venerable forum. Nice to see some web support for this format.