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Discussion: Janacek: Glagolitic Mass, Taras Bulba - Janowski

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Post by Windsurfer June 27, 2013 (1 of 1)
Based on Castor's less than entirely enthusiastic review, I nearly passed on this. I am glad I did not miss it. Funny, whenever I read the word "astringent" in reference to tonal quality, I have always interpreted it as a pejorative. But here Castor laments "the rich strings and fat weighty brass", recommending a more "astringent" sound. I tend to put sugar in my tea and this beautifully executed and handsomely recorded disc is definitely "my cup of tea".

I am really glad I bought this even if the "better informed" think it is not stylistically appropriate. I think it is evident from this performance, from the Bartok violin concerti, and a few other Janowski efforts that here is a conductor who highly values beauty of sound. I value beauty of sound. Others can lament the absence of astringent tonal quality but not me! I am reveling in the sound of this disc. I love it !