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Discussion: Queen: A Night at the Opera

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Post by Lute June 5, 2014 (11 of 12)
rammiepie said:

I'm sure THE GAME will be released as a 5.1 BD~A in the future...

I finally tracked down a reasonably priced copy of the The Game on DVDA and... just as you said, it IS stellar!!!

This one definitely needs to be released on Bluray. Just hope they don't mess up the 5.1 mix as they did on A Night at the Opera.

Post by Kev Edwards April 11, 2015 (12 of 12)
I started off with the cassette version of this, went on to the vinyl version of this, then the 1987 cd pressing, then the mobile fidelity usa version of this, then the Japanese Vinyl Repro 25th aniv version of this, then the DVD-A version of this from the USA, then the 30th aniv dvd-a/cd edition from the UK, then the 1993 cd remaster version from the UK, then the Chianese version of the cd mastered in as it says 1991, now the Blu-Ray Audio version, i prefer the original vinyl played on a Linn Sondek LP12 turntable with a mc cartridge and a good valve amp but as i dont have any vinyl replay equipment anymore i would have to say that the Blu-Ray Audio title comes top for me followed closely by the Japanese Vinyl Replica CD edition,then the DVD-Audio version. I will buy the SACD-SHM from Japan when funds allow, i think you can guess i love this album, i wish it wasnt so compressed at times as its a shame, great piece of work from a great band.

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