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Post by fredblue July 15, 2014 (31 of 35)
rammiepie said:

My biggest Universal BD~A bargain was Quadrophenia ($18.50 from Amazon) but I also sprung for the Universal SHM~SACD (which still sounds better but of course lacks the 5.1)

Hey Ralph, there are two Stereo mixes and masterings on the new Quadrophenia Blu-ray Audio = a flat transfer of the original 1973 mix and a new 2014 remastered remix.

The "1973 Stereo" on the new Blu-ray IS the SHM-SACD, they should sound identical. Any perceived differences will more than likely be down to the usual extraneous factors (playback chain, personal preference for DSD over PCM, etc.)

Post by hooperthom July 16, 2014 (32 of 35)
rammiepie said:

Hoop, did you get the Deep Purple Made In Japan BD~A yet? Wonder how the SQ is? Only listed so far at AmazonUK along w/Grace Jones Nightclubbing).....correction: listed at AmazonUS from third party vendors!

That's another one that I passed on but I do have Grace and its OK.

Post by hooperthom July 16, 2014 (33 of 35)
sylvian said:

Since no-one stated what this DVD really contains here it is:

PCM stereo is 48/24bits (definitely worth the price itself)
DTS 5.1 48/16
and yes lousy Dolby digital is also present, but who will pay attention to 640 kbps now?

Hard to believe that DTS is only 48/16, on my system it sounds great and no need for the Blu Ray version.

Post by klcheshire July 16, 2014 (34 of 35)
rammiepie said:

OT, again: Allman Brothers Fillmore East 3 disc BD~A 5.1 @ Deep Discount: $82.81 -15% = $70.39 w/free shipping (using coupon code HEAT). ( has it for $74.89 + 1.95 = $76.84.

I've gotten some very good deals with them recently. Their service has been great so far. I wonder why Amazon isn't discounting.

Post by zeus July 16, 2014 (35 of 35)
klcheshire said: ( has it for ...

I know these endless price comparison discussions are a fascination for some but please take them elsewhere, thanks.

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