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Post by Luong December 16, 2014 (31 of 34)
armenian said:

Regarding Tchaikovsky Trio, what is available out there on SACD? I know Audite has one by Trio Testone, what else is available in modern MC recording? Not really interested in reissues.


If you are really interested in modern MC recording of this trio, you might look into a DVD-A of Tacet issued in 2003, still in stock and available ( TACET Rachmaninov - Tchaikovsky Piano Trios - Abegg Trio). This disc puts the Cello at your right, the Violin at your Left, and the modern grand (I think it is an Imperial Bosendorfer) at your back. For me, it is a delightful and unique experience to listen to this disc in MC in my home. But if you are the kind of listener who believes no musician should be playing at your back then forget about it.

Post by Chris from Lafayette December 16, 2014 (32 of 34)
Euell Neverno said:

My brother had a beautiful old Broadwood that burned up in the Oakland, CA, fire. . .

Eventually, I will get around to listening to Mr. Brautigam's contribution to the genre, although the sound of the modern piano does not disappoint in the Beethoven sonatas, far from it.

I listened to a couple of Brautigam fortepiano tracks earlier today and my opinion is unchanged. (Sorry, Robert - but thanks again anyway!) In fact, my wife shouted to me from the next room, "What is that awful sound? Is that one of those fortepiano recordings??" (You can see why we've been happily married for over 36 years!)

The Broadwood I played was at Stanford University (while I was a graduate student there), and was one of the most grotesque instruments you will ever see: over the years, the tension of the strings had warped the (wooden) frame, so that the instrument looked as if it were going to fall forward at any moment! The Stanford music department faculty members, which consisted of the usual HIP academicians, were SO proud of this instrument and were always gushing about it! Can you say Emperor's New Clothes? ;-)

Sorry about your brother's loss in that Oakland fire - I remember that disaster very well myself, having driven one of the last cars permitted through the Caldecott Tunnel before they closed it because of the fire.

BTW, how did we get onto all of these subjects by way of the Tchaikovsky Trio??

Post by bissie December 17, 2014 (33 of 34)
krisjan said:

The argument that "this is what LvB had in his head when he composed it" is specious IMO. Would the Wright brothers prefer to fly cross country on their flying contraption or on a 777 jet? Things change, technology improves. Modern pianos provide an enhanced palette through which the artist can deliver his/her art. I'm quite glad that Brautigam chose to record the LvB concertos on a modern piano for this reason. I am equally sad that he is recording the Mozart concertos on a fortepiano (I did purchase the first volume of that series but no more).

So, Robert, I tried it and didn't like it. I love BIS. Your recordings occupy more shelf space in my collection than any other label and I have a sizable collection. But the sound of the fortepiano simply doesn't cut it for me.

Answer moved to the BIS Thread, where it belongs.

Post by Simon V. December 17, 2014 (34 of 34)
Chris from Lafayette said:

BTW, how did we get onto all of these subjects by way of the Tchaikovsky Trio??

I think that was my fault.

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