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Post by fredblue December 30, 2014 (31 of 74)
rammiepie said:

British drummer extraordinaire Ainsley Dunbar has quite a resume having played with the likes of Journey, Bowie, John Mayall, Lou Reed, Ian Hunter, Eric Burdon, Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, The Jefferson Starship, Whitesnake et alia.

I'm sure Steve Wilson will be touring to promote his new album so any upcoming mixing projects will be put on hold.

I don't think the man ever sleeps!

There may be SW remixes in the bag.

Post by Ubertrout December 30, 2014 (32 of 74)
zeus said:

As for my collecting today, I'm fairly format agnostic. As well as SA-CDs and BD-As I buy CDs, downloads etc. My system has been set up to make the best of each. Thanks to technology advances there's more options now for good sound. A recent highlight for me is The Complete Works for Piano Solo of C.P.E. Bach by Ana-Marija Markovina (26 CDs). I don't listen to this and say "I wish it was SA-CD" ... it sounds just fine to me.

I think it's darn hard in this era of megaboxes to avoid regular CDs if you're a classical fan. I've been slowly working through the 80 CD Leonard Bernstein Vol 2 box (two or three of the discs in it are on SACD, but not most), playing at my office PC, on an X-Fi Titanium feeding AudioEngine A2s. Not exactly audiophile, but it sound darn good and I'm able to do work while enjoying it.

Post by Marpow December 30, 2014 (33 of 74)
samayoeruorandajin said:

As they always say, to each his own.

This has been a really good thread with really good viewpoints.

For me the Wish You Where disc by AP is stunning and I am satisfied to not need another.

My MCH McIntosh system is working quite well.

Post by rammiepie December 30, 2014 (34 of 74)
fredblue said:

There may be SW remixes in the bag.

Sez WHO, FredBLUE?

Post by Jet Jockey December 31, 2014 (35 of 74)
Meridian G65, Meridian HD621, Meridian 602 transport, Meridian 5 x DSP5200 speakers.

Oppo BDP-93, Sony PS3, Xbox360, Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD.

Velodyne SMS-1 digital controller running two Velodyne SPL-R 1200 subs.

One Audiolab 8000P stereo amp and two Marantz MA500 mono amps powering four Clark Synthesis Platinum Tactile Sound Transducers.

Runco RS-900 DLP projector with a Stewart Studiotek 130 screen.

Post by windhoek December 31, 2014 (36 of 74)
The Marantz NR1605 I ordered arrived but alas, I just can't get m/c DSD playback from either my HTPC via HDMI or Network, or directly via USB into the AVR - even though it's in the product manual! Fwiw, I tried playing SACD ISOs and DSF files, but neither worked. Thankfully I hadn't shipped the NR1504 back to Amazon, so it's staying and the 1605 will be going back to dealer because it doesn't do what it says on the tin. Disc playback sounds great, so I'll just stick with that for the foreseeable future.

My system is therefore:

Digital (2.0):
HTPC>Lavry DA11>Teddy Pardo i80a>ATC SCM7

Digital (4.0):
(f): HTPC>Marantz NR1504>Teddy Pardo i80a>ATC SCM7
(r): HTPC>Marantz NR1504>ATC SCM7
(c): no centre
(s): no sub

Post by Fugue January 1, 2015 (37 of 74)
DALI Epicon 2 front speakers
DALI Epicon Vokal center
SVS SB13 Ultra sub
Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 surrounds
Marantz AV 8801 pre/pro
Parasound Halo A51 5-channel amp
Esoteric K-03 SACD player
Oppo 105 SACD/Blu-ray
Sennheiser HD800 headphones
Woo Audio WA6 headphone amp

Post by WhiteMaxima January 8, 2015 (38 of 74)
OPPO 95, SACD & Blueray player, (plays DSD *iso file)

Sony TA-P9000ES 5.1 Preamp

Bryston 4BST 2 channel (front main, via XLR), Bryston 3BST 3 channel (center, rear, via Kimber PBJ)

PSB Stratus Gold (front main, via Kimber speaker wire), PSB C5 (center, via Radioshark 16AWG wire), PSB Alpha (rear, via Radioshark 16AWG wire)

B&W Sub (via Radioshark 16AWG wire)

Post by AmonRa January 8, 2015 (39 of 74)
Stereo/CD system and CD mastering:

Tascam CD-200i rack player for CD (shows CD-TEXT) as transport only
Crane Song Avocet class-A Monitor controller and DAC (6 inputs, 3 out)

SACD & video:

OPPO BDP-103 for SACD as transport only
Denon Professional DN-500AV pre-pro for SACD and video, SACD DA-conversion from HDMI

transducers, via patchbay:

Genelec 7071A subwoofer, bass management for all 5 channels
PMC DC-001 mono class-D power amplifiers wrap tied to steel speaker stands
PMC IB2s transmission line monitor speakers
ADAM A7 nearfield active monitors at editing desk, doubling as back channels for MCH
ADAM A8x near/midfield active monitor as center speaker

Heed Canamp
Sennheiser HD800 headphones
Audio Technica ATH-M50 monitoring headphones

Cables: wet string
Power conditioning: closest nuclear power station

Post by rammiepie January 8, 2015 (40 of 74)
AmonRa said:

Cables: wet string
Power conditioning: closest nuclear power station

Very impressive system, AmonRa but I'd replace the wet string with Bavarian Twine and as for power conditioning: harnessing the torque of a 35 pound "Coon" Cat chasing a 5 pound chihuahua on a treadmill.

Would result in a lower noise floor, for sure!

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