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Post by hammer April 14, 2015 (11 of 13)
Thankyou one and all for your thoughts and inputs. I've decided to go with another sacd player, a Sony SCD-XA5400ES so I can re-use the upgrades currently in the SCD777ES.

Post by tonereef May 12, 2015 (12 of 13)
Claude said:

I've been looking for a "perfect" replacement for my Sony for a long time, offering top quality sound and a DAC with DSD input, and I think it's finally there: The Teac Esoteric K-05X or K-07X (the K-01X and K-03X have been available a while ago already but are over my hifi spending limits).

Claude, have you looked further into the K-05X and K-07X?

I still have an XA777ES, but I don't use it because it's a long way from being as good as the T+A D10 player. But that unit is over 10 years old now and I'm intrigued by the new Esoterics. Big problem is that no retailers around here will stock them (in fact they're not even available yet through Esoteric USA).

Are they getting any buzz in Japan?


Post by Claude May 13, 2015 (13 of 13)
Hi Tony,

The first "x"- players, the K-01X and K-03X", have not received a tremendous amount of buzz, maybe because the innovation (adding DSD input to existing players) is rather minor.

The K-05X and K-07X are not yet available in Europe and the US (probably this summer). The old K-05 has received very favourable reviews in the german and french press.

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