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Post by cupboy April 21, 2015 (11 of 13)
I bought a couple of records and don't even have anything to play them on. I'm going to try to take one back and see what happens.

Post by jackan April 22, 2015 (12 of 13)
samayoeruorandajin said:

Happy record store day. Are any of you going? What will you get?

This is very odd. I happened into a record store by accident on this day, in Frankfurt.

Edit: Just to be clear, I didn't buy any, but did score some SACDs.

Post by Failed Muso April 25, 2015 (13 of 13)
Yup, I did my usual short trip down to London and was in the Sister Ray Records queue at 4am (33rd in the queue... the first person in the queue got there at 9pm on Friday!)

There's a lot of animosity towards the day now, but the shops on Berwick St., Soho make a real event of it and the atmosphere is really, really friendly. There were a lot of good quality, indie releases this year, and I personally don't have a massive problem with major labels getting involved, so long as they put out worthwhile product. For example, the A-ha 7" picture disc of Take On Me was both extortionately priced and of poor quality. That kind of release wouldn't be missed.

As usual, I spent a bit more than I had planned, but I picked up some very nice stuff, such as Ian Dury's "New Boots & Panties" on green and orange vinyl with a pop up gatefold cover.

I've been collecting vinyl since I was a kid in the 70s and therefore I don't see it as a fad. Sales are up, releases are up and more and more people are getting into the format and appreciating its unique and redeeming qualities. For me, any day I'm in the city is a record store day ;-)

A young couple joined the queue right behind me and revealed that this was their first RSD. Their passion for music was strong and they had a whale of a time, picking up their first choices and getting into the fun of the day in Soho. New friends were made, a passion for music shared and I look forward to RSD 2016 :-)

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