Thread: Hi-Res Blu-Ray via Coax on Oppo?

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Post by Zammo April 22, 2015 (1 of 8)
Hi All. Thought I'd enquire with the collective experience here as to whether anyone has been able to output the hi resolution 2-channel PCM version of bluray pure audio discs via coax/toslink outputs of an Oppo 103? I appreciate the DTS and Dolby versions have copyright protection, but see no reason why the 96kHz LPCM versions can't be output.

Although the Oppo manual states there is a bandwidth limitation on the coax/toslink outputs, this is contradicted by the options in the audio setup to output 48, 96, or 192 kHz via these outputs.

Post by windhoek April 22, 2015 (2 of 8)
I think it could because I use Optical connect my Mac Mini to my AVR and audio is set to output @ 24/96 and 24/88 depending on the file being played. I even think it does this with m/c because I also use my Mac for 5.1 m/c music files.

I've got an OPPO 103D and only use it for spinning Blu-rays, but will try it out later and I'll you know how it goes.

Post by Claude April 23, 2015 (3 of 8)
The digital output over S/PDIF is limited to 48KHz from Blu-ray, for copyprotection reasons only.

There is no technically justified limitation, because with DVD-A, it's possible to output up to 192kHz (stereo) over the same connection (coaxial). At least with my Oppo 93. Probably the same with the 103.

Post by windhoek April 23, 2015 (4 of 8)
I tried to send audio from my OPPO to AVR via Optical and no matter what I tried, audio showed only as 48Kz.

Post by Kutyatest April 24, 2015 (5 of 8)
My reply is perhaps slightly off-topic, as it relates to SACD and DVD-A, whereas the OP was specifically mentioning BD-A, but here below is an extract from my Arcam DV137 player concerning conventional digital connections and hi-res audio:-

"Listening to DVD-audio or SACD discs

The high quality of DVD-audio and SACD discs can be realised only by using either the multi-channel analogue or the HDMI outputs. Using a conventional digital connection between your DVD player and surround-sound receiver will not allow you to hear these discs at their best, since the audio carried across the digital link when these discs are played is compromised (i.e. limited to a sample rate of 48K).

This is true for all DVD players and is not a limitation of your DV137."

Post by Claude April 24, 2015 (6 of 8)
There are strict rules for S/PDIF output from SACD and Blu-ray:

- SACD: no output (must use HDMI, which is a protected connection)
- Blu-ray: maximum 48kHz (higher resolution discs get downsampled)

With DVD-A, it depends on the player.

Here's an article on the Oppo's digital output capabilities:

It looks like the 103/105 are more restricted than the 93/95 when it comes to DVD-A.

Post by Zammo April 27, 2015 (7 of 8)
Thanks for replies. Thought as much on 48kHz limitation. Next test is to see whether the MSB universal transport can output greater then 48kHz from bluray. Although based on the Oppo, modifications allow it to output DSD from SACD via I2S rather than HDMI, so will be interesting to see if it can output the hi-res layers of bluray pure audio discs.

Post by Zammo May 6, 2015 (8 of 8)
Have borrowed an MSB universal media transport, and it plays everything in its native format directly to the MSB transport via any of its outputs. Currently using toslink, and have no problem outputting 24/192 from bluray pure audio discs in LPCM, Dolby or DTS. As expected, also outputs DSD from SACD's via toslink as well.