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Post by armenian August 5, 2015 (21 of 23)
alexandru27 said:

I have the SACD by Chandos, can't comment on the performance, but (at least on my system) SQ is somewhat murky. There's a fog all over the orchestra.

My experience the Chandos “house sound” is that vast majority of their orchestral recordings are fairly resonant, compared to other labels.
I have two systems, a massive 4 way bi-amplified speaker and a compact B&W two way stereo setup, on the big system Chandos sounds fine, on the smaller ones a little muddy, again compared to other fine labels.


Post by Ubertrout August 5, 2015 (22 of 23)
I wonder if the BIS recording with Kees Bakels and the MPO would be a candidate for multichannel? I see it's only 16-bit on eClassical.

Post by SteelyTom August 6, 2015 (23 of 23)
Heretical though it may be, I'll offer props for this one-- the 70s-era Symphony Hall sonics are terrific, too.
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade - Ozawa

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