Thread: When you're not hanging out @, where else do you hang on the web for music and other chat?

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Post by Marpow August 16, 2015 (31 of 32)
windhoek said:

Where do you for music and other chat?

Well Derek, you know my family is here. I occasionally look at QQ and Steven Hoffman, but I don't really feel comfortable yet as this site is still in play which is good enough for me.

I actually am starting to make friends on some audiophile Facebook sites and the people are very friendly and seem to be fairly secure that all of this audiophile business is just for fun, whereas some here seem to be, I don't know, mean, would be a good word.

Today I bumped into a site that is actually, what appears to be a very cool site. It includes single reviews like the owners of this site want to do but on the About Us tab they actually offer a Join The Review Team, which seems friendly and inviting. Anyway I have bookmarked it and will continue to check it out.

Post by The Seventh Taylor August 17, 2015 (32 of 32)
> When you're not hanging out @, where else do you hang on the web for music

Hardly anywhere on the web; mosrly with friends -- face to face and on Twitter. There have been times when I used to frequent Quadraphonic Quad and, to a lesser extent, Steve Hoffman's site, also AVSforum and AVForums. Plus a few forums/sites dedicated to specific artists. Oh, and PS3SACD, of course. If this site disappears I might get more involved in SACD groups/discussions on Facebook.

> and other chat?

Spending most of my online time on Twitter nowadays, mainly blogging about high-end video at the moment.

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