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Post by Marpow August 29, 2015 (21 of 21)
I just got another 4.0, Earth, Wind and Fire Open Our Eyes. Still trying to educate myself on the 4.0 sound, so I might as well listen to it all.

I now have 6 Audio Fidelity 4.0 discs and to my huge surprise the Earth Wind & Fire is by far the best sonic sounding disc. I think a lot that has to do with it is it has so many instruments and has cool beats and rhythms..

Also I believe my brain is starting to get in the flow of the 4.0 sound. I am listening to the Jeff Beck now, not as good as the EW&F.

I would die to have the Rough And Ready disc in 4.0, actually a top 10 album of all time for me. Funny the re released Rough And Ready Re Mastered 2015 RBCD stereo, wonder why they just didn't go to 4.0?

Anyway, highly recommend the 4.0 Earth W & F.

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