Thread: System Opinions/Experiences? A Yamaha-Genelec based SACD-capable kitchen stereo with small monitors

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Post by Polarius T August 30, 2015 (1 of 1)
I'm also planning to set up a 2nd system, almost literally a "kitchen system." (Well, it will be mostly for a bit larger room next to it.)

The space can only accommodate twin speakers, and I want the whole thing to be future proof to some extent so I can hand it down to the next generation as time comes. Meaning single-ended connections (for TV and all the gadgets), digital inputs in the player, and powered monitors. And it's got to be of good quality all around (neutral, precise, and accurate). The playees will for now all be CDs and SACDs = discs not files. But that can and is likely to change if and when the next generation takes over the equipment in a few years. So a file playing or streaming capable machine is a clear plus (and no separate transports and DACs as it needs to be able to handle physical SACDs, of which I have tons, and I want to keep it simple and unobtrusive). And we want to plug into it our Roberts Radio, too.

Seems like from these premises I'm homing in on something like this:

* Yamaha CD-S2001 player (

* Genelec G One or G Two speakers with their F1 or F2 sub (,

(If you run the signal through the sub first it functions as a system volume controller, which is great, and it has a remote etc. which is nice, too, if you are not just sitting at one spot and listening. And yes, I'm going to audit them all as soon as time allows.)

Would seem to fit the bill.

Has anyone heard any of those components? Or attempted/done sthg similar?

The main system remains a dCS/ME-Geithain combo and this new one will only be for semi-dedicated and demi-social listening only. But we are spoiled by what we have now, so quality is a key concern (besides smallness). Not a lot of loud listening will be done on the new system, however; that will all be taken care by the Geithains also in the future. There are superb small Geithains available as well, but the price is a bit prohibitive from the pov of our modest aims and purposes.