Thread: Hello. new here and I have a question on Amused To Death SACD

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Post by Victorhopson August 31, 2015 (1 of 3)
Hi, i hope to have some fun and knowledge here. I ma hoping to get something clarified. I know Roger Waters re-released Amused To Death but i'm trying to make sure what I read is correct. I know their is a 5.1 blue ray edition but i keep seeing a SACD edition as well I want to clarify that they are not mixing the two up and that in fact there are those two separate formats. Please let me know. Thank you

Post by Rickko August 31, 2015 (2 of 3)
Two separate versions (formats).

Blu-ray released on Columbia while SACD released on Analogue Productions.

Both are listed on

Post by Victorhopson August 31, 2015 (3 of 3)
Thank you