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Post by zeus February 25, 2007 (51 of 56)
deckerm said:

excellent!! Thank you. TO me this is more meaningful then top sellers as it combines orders from all sites.

Top Sellers reflects current sales. It's updated monthly from sales across all linked vendors (except CD Universe which doesn't provide data in a form readily usable by me). I flush these figures out every now and then ... currently it only shows data for January 2007. I normally update the figures on which the display is based at the end of the month. It doesn't include purchases from other vendors but the numbers are significant.

Top Library on the other hand shows what people have bought in the past ... but only for those that choose to catalogue their collection here. It does however include purchases from any source.

To give you some perspective, there were about 10,000 unique visitors to the site in the last week and each visitor made an average of 2.3 visits. Of these 10,000 visitors 61 (so far) have availed themselves of the facility to catalogue their collection. So which do you think is the most meaningful? :-).

Post by Arthur February 25, 2007 (52 of 56)
Polly Nomial said:

A little sad really - I mean, they were excellent performances for the time with some pretty good sound but none of them approach anything like the fidelity that is achieved on a regular basis today.

Also, I would hate for people to miss out on the superb Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra etc. - Zoltan Kocsis, not just sonically but the performance is also first class & has replaced Reiner in my affections - those wavering should really give this a spin! There are other performances on SACD that are more interesting from a interpretative perspective as well than some of these LS discs...

I love your reviews. But even more than those I love your passionate advocacy of things you think are important. Keep these of comments up!

Post by Beagle February 25, 2007 (53 of 56)
deckerm said:
we love the Living Stereo selections

Well, we all love a bargain; Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence tend to be half the price of recent recordings. Multiply the best sellers by their price to see where the real money went, no?

And I agree with Poly about the Reiner Concerto for Orchestra -- I don't quite enjoy listening to its 1950s sound anymore, with higher standards available.

Post by Beagle February 25, 2007 (54 of 56)
zeus said:
there were about 10,000 unique visitors to the site in the last week...

Impressive! (the numbers -- and everything else about the world's greatest website)

--And for those 10,000 who may not be familiar with the topography of the site, perhaps Top Sellers and Top Library and... recent additions? might be moved to the TOP of the page. Such topics would be of interest to newcomers who might not notice goodies 'way down at the bottom.

Post by Julien March 10, 2007 (55 of 56)
How about this: I just came back from France with about 110 SACDs in my luggage!

You all are welcome to my library of course!

Post by Beagle March 10, 2007 (56 of 56)
Julien said:
back from France with about 110 SACDs...

Congratulations Julien, you now own one of everything

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