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Post by chris nevins March 14, 2007 (1 of 3)
(please post opinions. will help in areas of research, public opinion and my discussion)

Dear Sirs,

My name is Chris Nevins and I am a final year student at the University of Central England, Birmingham. I am studying Sound and Multimedia Technology and currently writing my dissertation on Bit Rates, Gigabytes & MP3s-the Devolution of Audio and the Commodification of the Song.

My report focuses on future audio standards and the way the industry markets the song. As I am sure you are aware, we have entered a time where compressed music files such as MP3s are becoming enormously popular and beginning to have an impact on future audio standards. Although the download of compressed music files is outstripping the sales of CDs, the industry still needs a high definition audio standard in the same way the visual market has HDTV (High Definition Television). My questionnaire contains eleven questions concerned with new technology and what the future holds for High Definition audio. I would be very grateful if you could spare a few moments to answer my questions and email me your responses. The replies that you send will help me enormously with my discussion on these areas and help gain an insight into professional and public opinions on the topic. To answer the questions click reply and type your responses under each question and then send back to me. Once again, thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,

Chris Nevins.




Please answer the following as fully as possible:

1) Have peer-to-peer networks had an effect on your business? Similarly, has the MP3 standard affected your business or work?

2) Can the industry make use of online and peer-to-peer technologies to develop new methods of distribution?

3) What can be done to boost the sales and popularity of SA-CDs (Super Audio Compact Discs)?

4) Do you see the release of Blu-Ray discs having an impact on music distribution and sales?

5) What does the future hold for High Definition audio?

6) What do you foresee taking over as the next audio standard over the next 10 years?

7) Is the audio medium of the future a universal disc of combined standards such as SA-CD, DVD audio, and surround sound files on one disc to help with cross compatibility and consumer choice?

8) In your opinion, do modern compression methods impair the quality of the music we listen to?

9) In terms of content protection and interoperability, what are your views on digital rights management (DRM)?

10) Can the proliferation of high end home entertainment systems - which were driven by the standard def DVD market - be used more effectively as a method of marketing high definition audio?

11) Is the industry marketing music as a commodity, which can be downloaded, played and deleted at ease, therefore devaluing the "product" of its cultural value?

Please feel free to write any more comments you may have that were not covered by the above questions.

Please state yes or no if you would like me to email this address with a copy of my finished dissertation in May.

Thank you.
Your answers are greatly appreciated.

Post by Beagle March 14, 2007 (2 of 3)
Would it not be more useful to give your e-mail address?

Post by The Seventh Taylor March 14, 2007 (3 of 3)
I second that suggestion.

Furthermore, there are probably a handful of people from the music business who visit here from time to time but I trust you'll be aware that however relevant their views you will not get a balanced, unbiased view from visitors of this site, in case that's what you're after, but surely you realised that already.

Lastly, here's a publication you may be interested in:
It's a (more or less) scientific report about the psycholoogy of LPs vs CDs vs MP3s, though it focuses more on the 'collectability' aspect if I remember well. I don't have access to the actual article but read a summary elsewhere.