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Post by Fore October 6, 2007 (1 of 7)

I just registered after visiting several times, but not a regular user due to the limited usefullness. I'm not all that exposed to classical and jazz, but am always for the lookout for something I like. The sheer volume of listed sacds here is phenomenal, but without any audio samplings, I've never bought any disc off this sites referrals. No idea if I'd like them, and often, can't be found elsewhere.

So PLEASE? Can you consider offering low rez audio samples just to registered users?? I'd really appreciate any movement towards this goal.

Thanks for the otherwise excellent website.


Post by Julien October 6, 2007 (2 of 7)
Considering the amount of work Stephen is putting on this website already to update the database, it would be impossible to do so I think. Also many SACDs don't have a CD layer so you would have no way of copying the digital content directly into any kind of digital format, the only way being recording through analogue connections then converting. Even more work.
Except if the companies decide to provide with the samples, or the link to the samples which might be a optional solution.

Otherwise, here's an idea for Zeus: hire ten competent guys for 3000 US$/month each, to keep up with the job everyday. You'll make ten more happy persons. How about that ?

Post by Peter October 6, 2007 (3 of 7)
Some record companies, like BIS, have samples on their websites, and some sellers, like, do likewise.

Post by Claude October 6, 2007 (4 of 7)
Hi Fore,

Sound clips are generally just a few mouse clicks away, when browsing the links to the webstores or the label on a disc page. So there would be little advantage in adding them to this site. I also doubt it would be possible for Stephen to obtain soundclips for all the discs and to host them.

Post by Polly Nomial October 6, 2007 (5 of 7)
jpc generally have excerpts of each track on the discs they offer for sale...

Post by zeus October 6, 2007 (6 of 7)
Fore said:

So PLEASE? Can you consider offering low rez audio samples just to registered users?? I'd really appreciate any movement towards this goal.

I did at one stage display a flag when a linked vendor carried sound samples but it was a lot of work. Now that the vendor links are dynamic this is no longer possible. I do however provide a link to the label's web site for each title ... most carry sound samples. You should view this site as just the starting point for gathering information on the title you're interested in. The linked online vendors have additional information, reviews, availability dates etc.

Post by Beagle October 6, 2007 (7 of 7)
Case in point:
I was intrigued by fafnir's enthusiasm for Scriabin: Piano Sonatas Nos. 2, 5 & 9 - Sudbin even though I have found Scriabin's music 'too dense' in the past. A quick visit to JPC and I was persuaded by the clarity of the sound samples there to order the disc. I have satisfied my curiosity this way many times (but only sometimes persuaded to buy). The link to a label is not always the easiest way to find audio samples; some are good but many are confusing -- JPC is usually a safe bet, i.e. has samples when other vendors don't.