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Discussion: Mozart: The "Haydn" String Quartets - Quartetto Classico

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Post by Beagle November 4, 2007 (1 of 6)
[ I'm shifting this conversation from /showthread/24461//y?page=first ]

Arthur said: I've been tempted, but at nearly $80 including shipping, I always find something else to buy first...

It's your money, but that $80 is only $26.67 per disc (a bit more than the Praga disc from but less than from And I think you might save on shipping. If the Praga version was by the Kocians I'd be more excited, but don't bet on the Prazakovo being better than Quartetto Classico.

Post by Sigfred November 4, 2007 (2 of 6)
Is this multi-channel as well?

Post by Beagle November 4, 2007 (3 of 6)
Amid all the japanese characters I only see the english for stereo (but it's good stereo).

Post by Beagle November 8, 2007 (4 of 6)
Beagle said: don't bet on the Prazakovo being better than Quartetto Classico.
Arthur, Sigfred et al.

I'm replying to myself because I spent the last 4 nights listening to these 3 discs -- they are pleasant enough to listen to, but I now have a few reservations about recommending them whole-heartedly.

The sound-stage imaging is unclear. Like too many other quartet recordings, everybody seems to be crowded into the left channel witht the right channel reserved for ambience. Right now I'm listening to my other Mozart Qtt disc: Mozart: String Quartets Nos. 10-13 - Suske Quartet , and the cello and viola are well-situated on the right with a bit of depth for good measure (no reservations about recommending Suske's disc).

The Quartetto Classico music-making is quite good, perhaps as good as the Prazak; i.e. it is not very exciting. Granted it's just Mozart, but still one would like a bit more throttle on the curves.... And granted, there are several ways to play the Dissonanzen-kvartett, but apparently one of them is Dissonance Denial: "just float lightly past those opening bars and maybe no-one will notice..." -- the 18th century equivalent of walking past a street-person as if they're not there.

I am not putting the above observations into a review -- yet. The Prazak disc is on order from and should be here any week now (maybe before New Years?).

Post by Beagle January 5, 2008 (5 of 6)
It is a pity that international currencies have shifted so much in relative value, making these discs rather expensive, especially for the large U.S. market, but...

Having heard (and reviewed /showreviews/4980) the first Prazak disc, I will recommend 'investing' in this set.

Post by Arthur January 5, 2008 (6 of 6)
Thanks for the review. Despite your reservations I simply had to order this disc. Fortunately though Euros and Pounds are thrashing our currency, the Yen is doing even worse and I was able to get it more cheaply from there than anywhere! (If only they'll actually ship it!)

I had actually been thinking that if the trend continued I might finally spring for the Classico, but now you've got me thinking maybe I should hold off. I will definitely order the Suske though. Thanks!